Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Abolish school paddling

Currently 28 states have abolished corporal punishment in schools. This legalized child abuse still goes on primarily in the "Bible belt" southern states, especially in the rural areas. Children's buttocks are badly bruised from these beatings. Children usually receive three or more pops from a wooden paddle after they are made to bend over. The Memphis, TN school board just voted to put away their paddles. Three cheers for them! Paddling not only hurts children physically and psychologically but sends a message that hitting is a way to solve problems. I have been working to abolish school paddling and educate parents to not spank their children since 1981. Our organization, People Opposed to Paddling Students or POPS has a website: www.nospankingzone.org What do you think? Jimmy Dunne, Houston

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